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Attendance Data Notes:

All attendance data available here are averages. Averages are presented for all students in each neighborhood, grade and category.  For example, to calculate average attendance, the percentage that each child was present was calculated.  These percentages were then averaged for every child that lived in the neighborhood who was in that grade. 

These figures do not represent the attendance on the average day, or average attendance at particular schools.  For further explanation of some sample results, click here.

Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) Scores Notes:

Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) is a statewide examination administered each spring to all 10th grade public school students by the Connecticut State Department of Education. The CAPT measures what students have learned in the areas of mathematics, reading, writing and science.

Connecticut Mastery Test Scores Notes:

The CMT is a statewide examination administered to students in grades 3 to 8. Hartford Public School tested students in the fall of the academic year until 2005-2006, when the test was given in the spring. The CMT tests students in mathematics, reading, and writing.  In 2008, students will also be tested in Science.

In the fall of 2004, the state did not administer the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) to grades 3-5-7.  Districts were given the option of testing students in 3-5-7 with the "off level" version of the CMT, and the Hartford Public Schools did so.

Demographic Data Notes:

For the purposes of this report and in order to preserve student confidentiality, data on ethnicity has been merged into 3 categories:  Black, Hispanic, and Other.  The Hartford Public Schools collects student-reported data on ethnicity.  We have merged the following categories into a larger Hispanic category:  Hispanic and Puerto Rican.  We have merged the following categories into a larger Other Category:  Alaskan/American Indian, Asian, Caucasian, Chinese, Haitian, Other, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and West Indian. The category Black is not merged with any other category. 

Where one of the numbers in one of three categories for each neighborhood and grade is 5 or fewer, both that number and number in the second largest category are suppressed, and replaced with an asterisk (*) in order to preserve confidentiality.  If two of the three numbers is 5 or less, the numbers in all cells is suppressed, and replaced with an asterisk (*).

Disciplinary Action Data Notes:

In-school Suspension:  Disciplinary action during which student is removed from their regular classroom and instead reports to a special suspension classroom or a “thinking room” where students work with teachers to reflect on their behavior.

Out-of-School Suspension:  Disciplinary action during which a student is sent home and asked not to return to school for a limited period of time.

Dropouts Notes:

Students may drop out by completing a consent to withdraw form, which a parent signs, and submitting it to the Hartford Public Schools.  “Drop-out” is only one of the many terms that can describe an inactivated student.  An inactivated student, in addition to “dropping out”, may have transferred out of the system to another school system, been incarcerated, be homeschooled, or be a “whereabouts unknown” student. In 2001, Connecticut raised the mandatory attendance age to 18.  Students who are aged 16 to 18 may only dropout with a parents’ permission.

Special Education Data Notes:

All data is reported as a percentage.  Students in each neighborhood and grade who received special education, regardless of the service provided, are counted.  We have reported the percentage for all students, and for boys and girls separately.  Data is suppressed and replaced with an asterisk (*), when the data in one of the cells would represent 5 or fewer students.



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