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This interactive data retrieval system provides access to information about various aid programs administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services such as the number of Hartford families and individuals receiving Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) and food stamps, those covered by Care 4 Kids, and State Administered General Assistance (SAGA) on one day in 2005 and on one day in 2006. Use the search box below to interactively access the data.  

The zip codes which you may select below are those of mailing addresses supplied to the Connecticut Department of Social Services by the parents. These "non-street address" zip codes are not included here. Therefore, these data may not include the entire population receiving assistance.

Three Hartford Zip code maps are available - 1. With Neighborhoods and Streets, 2. With Neighborhoods and Census Tracts and 3. With Census Tracts and Streets.

For any zip code where there are 5 or fewer cases in a category, data have been suppressed, and an asterisk (*) appears.

If you have any questions, need assistance using this data, or would like to see it in another format, please contact us.

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General notes and credits: Data provided by Connecticut Department Social Services. These data are for a point in time: that is, how many recipients of Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) there were on July 31, 2005, or July 31, 2006.

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