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Future Regional Transportation Planning for the Connecticut River Corridor

Over the past three years, local and regional governments along the Connecticut River Valley Corridor have come together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. They have worked with ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, an international association of local governments, to put together a vision and five-year plan. Phase 1 of the project yielded general recommendations for the Corridor, the first document listed below. The second document listed below is a more detailed plan for the future.

  • " A Vision of Future Transportation Along the Connecticut River Valley" presents a vision to involve more communities along the corridor in the transportation projects. In brief, the plan devised by the group is to extend the planned New Haven Hartford commuter rail north to Springfield , and eventually as far north as Lebanon , NH . Lebanon is located slightly south Hanover , NH and east of White River Junction, VT. This rail line would predominately rely upon existing freight and passenger rail. CLICK HERE FOR THE DOCUMENT.

  • "Five-Year Outline for the Future of the Connecticut River Valley Corridor Transportation and Climate Change Project," outlines Phase 2 of the project focused on advocating for improved passenger and freight rail service and smart growth along the Corridor to reduce regional green house gas emissions from the transportation sector. CLICK HERE FOR THE DOCUMENT.
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