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State Project # 63-H148

The Park Street Streetscape project is part of a citywide streetscape initiative to improve the quality of Hartford's neighborhoods by making the streets more pedestrian friendly. The proposed improvements to Park Street are based upon the recommendations contained in the 2002 study, "Parkville: Picture It Better Together," including:

  • Promoting multi-modal connections to the future busway via bicycle transit and improved sidewalks
  • Economic revitalization through streetscape and roadway improvements
  • Realignment of the travel lanes of Park Street to permit bicycle lanes
  • Better defined on-street parking
  • Wider sidewalks
  • Defined crosswalks to promote pedestrian safety
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Introduction of shade trees, street furniture and signage

Parkville Map

While the improvements to Park Street are planned to extend from the West Hartford town line, under the railroad, to Pope Park Highway #8, the actual limits of this phase of the project will be from Prospect Street on the west through the Sisson Street - New Park Avenue intersection on the east, a distance of approximately 3,000 feet. The work will include:

  • New sidewalks with unit pavers
  • New crosswalks, some of which will be painted and others will be textured
  • Milling and paving Park Street
  • New granite curbs
  • New street lights
  • Shade trees and other street amenities

The total cost of the construction is expected to be approximately $3.5 million, $1.2 million funded by a grant from the federal Department of Transportation and the balance paid by the City of Hartford. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is administering the grant SAFETEA-LU program.

After the Public Information Meeting, it is expected that the city and its consultant, Milone & MacBroom, Inc., will be authorized to prepare final plans and specifications to permit the project to be bid. Simultaneously, the city will be seeking easements from property owners to allow the reconstruction of the sidewalks that are now located on private property. Once the plans are completed and the easements have been obtained, it is hoped that construction will be able to begin in early 2007.

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