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Hartford's Grand List Grows For Fourth Year In Row

Courant Staff Report

February 05, 2009

Despite dips in tax revenue on manufacturing equipment and motor vehicles, Hartford officials said the October 2008 grand list grew by $17.5 million, marking the fourth consecutive year that the list of all taxable property has increased.

Mayor Eddie A. Perez acknowledged that although 2008 was a difficult year for investors, families and businesses, momentum continued, with several new businesses opening.

Grand List Total

$3.47 billion

Growth From 2007:

0.51 percent

Top 10 Taxpayers:

1. Hartford Fire Insurance and Twin City Ins., $142,713,228

2. Travelers Indemnity Co. Affiliate, $134,634,540

3. Connecticut Light & Power, $118,593,950

4. Northland Properties, $91,691,520

5. Aetna Life Insurance, $84,402,300

6. Mac-State Square LLC, $60,720,840

7. City Place I Ltd., $58,119,810

8. Talcott II Gold LLC, $53,654,250

9. Bank of Boston CT, $49,158,690

10. FGA 280 Trumbull LLC, $47,663,980

What Changed?

The $26.5 million drop in personal property assessments was partly attributable to the statewide phase-out of the local property tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment. The $2.55 billion total for real estate was up by $321.5 million. The majority of the increase was attributed to a phase-in of the state-mandated 2006 property revaluation. The motor vehicle grand list decreased by $1.9 million.


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