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Rep. McCrory Backs Ban The Box Veto Override

State to remove criminal conviction question from job application

Northend Agent's

July 07, 2010

Legislation backed by State Representative Douglas McCrory, who represents Hartford, in the Connecticut General Assembly, eliminating the question on state job applications concerning past criminal convictions will become law effective October 1.

The Legislature overwhelmingly voted to override the Governor’s earlier veto of the bill (HB5207), which McCrory said will allow job seekers to be evaluated on their skills and qualifications and not immediately rejected based on a prior conviction. Once an applicant is deemed qualified, a criminal background check will be conducted.

“If we truly want people to have a chance at rehabilitation and become productive members of society, it doesn’t make sense to set them up for immediate rejection when it comes to finding a job,” McCrory said. “Moving the criminal background check to later in the hiring process is fairer for a prospective employee and still protects an employer without prejudicing them with an initial application check-off.”

Known as the “Ban the Box” bill, McCrory believes the new law will encourage people with criminal records to seek gainful employment and turn their lives around, thus increasing public safety. Over 200,000 Connecticut residents have a felony conviction.

“We have a responsibility to help provide people with opportunities for a second chance, or we essentially commit anyone with a record to a social death sentence,” McCrory said.

Rep. McCrory is serving his third term in the state legislature representing Hartford’s 7th Assembly District. He serves on the Appropriations, Education and Higher Education Committees.

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