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Mayor, Council, we told you so ...

Mike McGarry

October 27, 2011

About a month or so ago, your reporter urged the Mayor and the City Council to remember what Mayor Mike did 15 years ago when the city had a significant rat problem (brought on by building demolition). He called a state of emergency, bought new trash cans, hired rodent control personnel, and made up a campaign to solve the problem.

So, along came another big mess in the city because, mainly, of dead, dying overgrown trees. If the Mayor and Council had acted right after the last catastrophe, lots of lights would be on, and getting around would be a lot easier. Here is what we should have done:

• Take a few million dollars out of the fund balance

• Hire (too late this month!) all the tree trimmers available to clear limbs and dead foliage around the lines

• Make CL&P pay later on. They have deferred the job they should have done.

• Have our economic development department find a tree service company for Hartford - hiring Hartford residents, paying local taxes.

We have a dependent population of elderly, single mothers, disabled and new residents who can't go to the local stream for water or the forest for wood. A Montreal style ice storm could come this year (everything else has happened) and people, without resources, would be in big trouble. Mayor, spend the money now.

Take Care of Yourself

Now, everybody should know not to count on anybody else. Take care of yourself.

• For a easy, quick meal, buy cans of tuna. At a sale price of 77 cents a can, you can't go wrong.

• Keep some bottled water around. Next spring you can use it on your plants! Also, beer keeps well in the snow.

• Pick up a case of sterno for cooking with a chafing dish.

• Portable radios, flashlights and hand warmers, all with batteries, should be sitting in the closet, waiting for that ice storm.

• Think ahead, which room is the easiest to keep warm together? Blow up an air mattress and cuddle up.

People are already saying “call the Governor!” Why? He can't turn your juice on or pump gas. He did say get ready - all day Friday and Saturday. If you didn't listen, don't blame him. Take a few weeks in Florida or find a motel in Rhode Island!

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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