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New Public Safety Initiative to Be Launched September 15

By Andy Hart

September 16, 2012

Three community activists are planning to launch a new public safety initiative with a press conference on Saturday, September 15, at 12 noon at “Tunnel Park” at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Main Street.

Charles Barrow, Organizer and founder of Citizens Opposed to Racism, Sexism and Violence and the Communities Committee for Public Safety, Sherman Williams, a busniessman and urban environment specialist, and Rev. Aaron “Pop” Lewis, founder and director of Youth on Youth, Each One Teach One, Inc. say they are concerned with the tide of illegal weapons that are flooding into urban communities beset by poverty and despair.

The three men have over 50 years of community and public service. Lewis himself was blinded in a shooting incident and has since devoted his life to curbing violence.

In a press release issued by the group, the group says that in order to combat rising gun violence and other social ills, “We have to take it to the street through Street Minitry and a mobile office to serve people in the Greater Hartford community on a daily basis.”

The initiative is entitled “Pray For Peace, Promote Life, Educate and Vote” and will be held in collaboration with Connecticut Against Gun Violence’s “Where Did They Get The Gun” Red Flag Campaign. The three founders of the initiative are hoping to sign up 10,000 supporters.

For more information, contact Charles Barrows (860-416-1192), Sherman Williams (860-882-2428) or Rev. Aaron “Pop” Lewis at (860-727-8889).

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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