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Major Step Forward for Redevelopment of Bowles Park and Westbrook Village

By Andy Hart

September 06, 2012

It has been over a decade and a half since Hartford began redeveloping its decaying public housing projects. The first to be demolished and rebuilt was Charter Oak Terrace, Rice Heights, Stowe Village, Dutch Point and others eventually followed.

But redevelopment of the two major housing projects in Hartford’s northwest section, Westbrook Village and Chester Bowles Park, has been in limbo for over 10 years. However, that may soon start to change.

On Tuesday, August 14, the Housing Authority of the City of Hartford (HACH) signed a Memorandum of Agreement Regarding a Resident Participation Plan with the Chester Bowles Park Tenants Association and the Westbrook Village Tenants Association.

The agreement establishes guidelines for resident participation in the proposed redevelopments of the two housing projects and is designed to assure continued resident participation in the planning and redevelopment of the Project.

“This is a historic step in the redevelopment of Chester Bowles Park and Westbrook Village,” said Annette Sanderson, HACH Executive Director. We look forward to working together with the residents on this project to provide safe, decent and affordable high quality housing for our residents while being a positive catalyst for change in our community.”

Bowles Park is located off Granby Street, just south of the Bloomfield town line. Westbrook Village is located off Mark Twain Drive, between Plainfield street and Albany Avenue.

“I lived in the Hartford Housing projects for most of my life,” said Janice Wallace, President, Westbrook Village Tenant Organization, “between Mr. [John] Wardlaw’s dreams and Mrs. Sanderson’s actions…I see a community being built on trust. I see a unity between housing and residents. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of redeveloping our community. It’s been a long time coming.”

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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