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Success In The West End

By Mike McGarry

May 02, 2013

Your reporter has always had a respect for the residents and businesses of the West End of Hartford.

The various organizations in the area: WECA (West End Civic Asso­cia­tion). The F.A.B.D. (Farmington Asylum Business District) and the Farmington Alliance all cooperate when feasible.

New leadership is about to surface at W.E.C.A. and the timing could not be better. On June 1st, over six months of planning will result in an event, gardens around the West End, that will draw hundreds to the neighborhood.

As a person who usually glories in an ongoing sense of disorder, your reported is amazed that a volunteer group of neighbors and friends could cross all the I's and dot all the T's for a dozen gardens, a beautiful brochure, musicians, "en plein" air painters (for us uninformed: painters out in the weather), poets and shuttle buses!

Usually, West End meetings go on and on to the quiet fury of some attendees. This garden group, which often added members, saw a few drop-outs and kind of slid along to a surprisingly to a complete outcome. On June 1st (or the 2nd if it rains) all the work and cooperation will show the fruits (flowers) of a group about as diverse as the West End is.

Although she would blush, a special thanks must go to LeLaneia Dubay who chairs the whole deal. Putting up with 15 to 20 "A" type personalities, compromising when needed, and keeping the project moving on target was quite something. A host of other old time West Enders did help steer this cobbled together ship that is turning out to be a fine cruise liner. Anyhow, see you on Saturday, June 1st from 10 am to 4 pm. Check in at the Central Market (corner of Farmington Avenue and Whitney), hop a shuttle and have a great day!

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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