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Whither Women's Campus? What Will Become Of Underused Former Hartford College For Women?

Tom Condon

June 14, 2009

The former Hartford College for Women campus is in a leafy, 13-acre oasis in the West End of the city. It has some lovely Georgian buildings that were once grand homes, along with some more modern buildings.

It's been part of the University of Hartford for the past several years, but the university isn't sure it still needs the campus. Of its two major occupants, the Hartt School's theater division has already moved to new digs and the University High School of Science and Engineering, a magnet school run in partnership with the city, will move to a new building in the fall.

The university has been trying to decide what to do with the property for a couple of years.

To look at the handsome campus it is to assume it can be used for something. Indeed, it is important that it be used to preserve its wonderful historic buildings. But what?

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