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Quietest City in the Country?

By Jeffrey B. Cohen

April 15, 2009

Mens' Health says it.

And so it is.

(Providence, by the way...not so quiet.)

Here's the mayor's press release.





(April 15, 2009) --- Less than 3 weeks after the announcement that the City of Hartford is successfully enforcing its Noise Ordinance, Mayor Eddie A. Perez adds that Connecticut's Capital City has been named the "Quietest City" by Men's Health Magazine, the world's largest publication dedicated to the topic of men's health.

100 U.S. Cities were surveyed utilizing criteria that includes, if a City has laws limiting excessive noise such as dogs barking, honking horns, and construction work. Statistics about the most traffic-congested towns and airport noise was also factored into the equation as was the percentage of people who report sleeping 7 ours or less a night.

While Hartford was named the quietest, Detroit was named the noisiest.

Mayor Perez says, "This is a strong endorsement--- but by no means the final word--- of the work being done by our residents, community organizations, and our Neighborhood Policing Plan as we make strides together to improve the quality of life in our City.

Although we have made progress, there are areas where we clearly have more work to do. Being respectful of our friends and neighbors promotes a more vibrant City and a Healthy Hartford. "

Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts adds, "Last year, following the enactment of changes to the City's Noise Ordinance by the Mayor and City Council, the HPD began training for all officers on noise enforcement. As a result, we have significantly increased that enforcement. National recognition from Men's Health Magazine is a tribute to the hard work of the men and women of the HPD, our city leaders and the community we serve and protect."

During the first quarter of last year, 8 noise ordinance violations were issued. In that same time frame this year, the number is 171. That is more than a 2000% increase.

Any noise that is plainly audible at a distance of 100 feet from its source is considered too loud. 100 feet is the distance between public light poles. Penalties include community service, a fine up to $90.00, or a jail sentence up to 25 days.

The complete ordinance can be found in the Municipal Code Chapter 23 Section 23-1 through 23-8 that was most recently amended in January of last

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