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Perez Accepts Rell Offer For No Freeze Shelter

Jeffrey B. Cohen

December 08, 2009

Mayor Eddie A. Perez has accepted an offer from Gov. M. Jodi Rell to use a state-owned building on Lafayette Street for a "no freeze" shelter during the year's coldest months.

Here's our story in today's Courant on Rell's offer to use an old church near the State Supreme Court building for the men's shelter. Below is Perez's statement issued this morning.



(December 8, 2009) --- "Once again we show that Hartford Cares. Thanks to the diligent teamwork of the city, the community, and the state, we are able to open a new site for Hartford's No Freeze Overflow Shelter. It is located at a state-owned building on Lafayette Street, closer to the old Salvation Army building (the old site) and closer to services provided to the homeless population. I am grateful to Governor Rell and her staff for working with the City in this time of critical need. I want to also express my thanks to the individuals who stepped forward to work with us in a constructive and collaborative manner in order to find a suitable location. Particular thanks go to David Fay of The Bushnell, who went above and beyond helping us work out the details. It is my sincere hope that the group that came together to focus on this crucial issue will continue to participate in our broader plans to eliminate chronic homelessness as we work with surrounding towns to address this regional problem."

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