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Colt Gateway... A Promise Being Fulfilled

By Mike McGarry

March 07, 2013

Coltsville, in Hartford's South Meadows, has quite a history. In the mid-19th century, it was one of the nationís largest and most advanced factories, turning out Samuel Coltís famous six-shooter revolver by the thousands. Today, Connecticutís congressional leaders are trying to turn the factory and its surroundings into a National Park. The first hurdles in this process have been completed, but others still remain.

However, many Hartford residents remember Colt quite differently. Years ago, back in the 1970's, many artists and small manufacturers were squirreled away in a vast, mostly abandoned industrial complex. Over the years, developers came and went. Progress was painfully slow and often disappointing.

Now, much has changed. Colt Gateway (today's term for Coltsville) is a vibrant community with businesses, schools, occupied apartments, some home based business and a new restaurant, Cafe Colt.

The restaurant is true to the tradition of many of those 1970's tenants. Small, bustling, with a menu just a bit different from your average eatery. Every day, they have a special that is, yes, special!

And the future looks good for Colt Gateway (go to coltgateway.com for details). 72 new apartments are being built and other major projects are in the works. 17 acres is a lot to work with, opening all kinds of opportunities. As Chef Harry of Cafe Colt says, "Our wonderful mix of company presidents and school kids, visitors and residents shows Colt is ready!"

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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