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City Police Officer Accused of Faking Time Cards

The officer, Hector Robles, is also a state representative

By Jeff Cohen

August 13, 2010

The Hartford Police Department has charged one of its own with double dipping and working private duty jobs while getting paid for his regular assignment. Hector Robles, the police officer, is also a state representative who just won a Democratic primary.

The year-long investigation found that Robles faked his time cards and defrauded the city of more than $9,000. If the charges are sustained, he could lose his job. Efforts to reach Robles were unsuccessful, and Police Chief Daryl Roberts declined to comment since the investigation is ongoing.

Robles was the endorsed Democratic candidate for the state house in the city’s sixth district. The primary was the day before the report was finished. His challenger, Alyssa Peterson, had unsuccessfully sought the release of the investigation before the primary.

PETERSON: I do believe the voters should have been made privy to this information because I think they would have made another vote.”

COHEN: You think this could have swayed people in your favor?

PETERSON: Absolutely.

Jan Appellof is a member of the city’s Democratic town committee who supported Robles. She says Robles was not forthcoming with the town committee before the election.

APPELLOF: What he said actually was that it was an administrative inquiry and the other thing he said was do you know how many administrative investigations there are with the police department?

COHEN: He lead you to believe it wasn’t such a big deal?


Now Appellof says she thinks Robles should resign his legislative seat not seek reelection.

“I’m very disappointed because it had seemed that he was doing a nice job and he was representing his constituents.”

Peterson, his primary challenger, says she is petitioning to get on the November ballot.

Reprinted with permission of Jeff Cohen, author of the blog Capital Region Report. To view other stories on this topic, search Capital Region Report at http://capitalregionreport.wordpress.com/.
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