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McCauley Withdraws from 4th District Race

Hartford News

October 02, 2008

Republican Stan McCauley has ended his campaign against incumbent Kelvin Roldan for State Representative from the 4th District.

In announcing his withdrawal from the race, McCauley said, “After my introduction to Hartford’s political scene last year [when he was the Republican candidate for mayor], I have become very active with many individuals and community groups in Hartford. Helping the many diverse groups get their message out and advocating on their behalf has truly been rewarding. After consultation with these groups, it is their consensus and I concur, that now would not be the right time to discontinue being their advocate at the local level. In an effort to be a strong voice for these groups and continue to help them work for the changes that our community needs, I have decided to withdraw my name as a candidate for the Connecticut House of Representatives representing the fourth district. Though I am withdrawing my name as a candidate at the state level, I plan to continue to be politically active in city politics and provide the leadership that my community needs as together we face the challenges ahead.”

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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