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Sandra Kee Borges A Fine Public Servant

By Mike McGarry

May 16, 2013

The ungracious Hartford Courant editorial about Sandra Kee Borges was far off the mark. Anyone who knows City Hall understands that the City Manager or Chief Executive Officer or whoever runs the city, is an extension of the elected officials really in charge.

Back in the 1990's, when Borges was City Manager, it was five votes that set policy, set taxation rates, approved any major appointments ... and constantly looked over the City Manager's shoulder.

Today, with the strong mayor setup, the C.E.O. is torn between the so-called strong mayor and a council that can't seem to find its role.

It's obvious to most observers that to get at the mayor, maybe to force hime to resign, certain members of the council will throw out the baby at any time to advance their prospects for future higher office. Ellen Nurse had it right last Monday night when she said "if you want a council manager government again, change the charter because that's not what you have now.", she is on the money when members nitpik instead of "council". It's all in the name: City Council, not nine City Managers.

By throwing such an experienced, level headed, and fair person off the bus just at the worst possible time - this is a budget crisis period - shows lack of respect by this Council and it's aggressive, ambitious leadership. Any City Manager (who is not desperate for a job) who takes the position will need to be do cautious - don't offend the unions (working families) don't afford the West End (property taxes) don't offend the police, the fire department ... keeping the strong mayor and the confused council happy is not a job for anyone who wants a long term relationship.

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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