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G.O.P…One More Thing

Mike McGarry

February 28, 2008

The fur is flying in the sixth district in South Hartford, both for Republicans and Democrats. However, this column will again, as last week, concentrate on the South End Republicans.

Reviewing the mailings from the “A”line and the “C” line, one could be confused as to who is who and what is what. The Row C flyer goes after the Republican Town Com¬mittee for not “speaking out,” but the current town chairman of the Republican Party, Mike Lupo, is leading that very line complaining about the current town committee.

Our memory is that he did speak out, as town chairman and as a candidate for city council. Several other council and mayoral candidates who are town committee members, including his father, John Lupo, also, were, and are, quite vocal.

The mailer from the “A” slate also needs explanation to the uninitiated. The piece says, quoting, of all people, the town chairman, Mike Lupo (yes, running against them) praising members of the A line: “With your help … the biggest accomplishment is, by far, the fundraising efforts spearheaded by Anna Bramante and Laurie Deluca.” To recap: Mike Lupo is on the “C” line and Anna and Laurie are on the “A” line. Get it?

And it gets even more confusing with Angel Morales saying that he has been trying to get on the Town Committee for some time and few Hispanics are represented. He did work for a candidate in the last election

One wonders why, in America today, anybody would run any election based solely on ethnic background. If Hispanics feel left out, the route to success is attending town committee meetings, fund¬raisers and caucuses. If they want a piece of the town committee, they should ask, participate, and do part of the work needed in each election cycle. However, if they do get all 220 Hispanic voters out that Morales claims, they could be the victors. History shows a somewhat lower turnout then that.

The bonus for the party is that any action is action compared to the “who cares” attitude usually evident.

If only the factions can come together after the smoke clears…

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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