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Mayor Vetoes Treasurer's Raise

Jenna Carlesso

December 03, 2011

Mayor Pedro Segarra has vetoed a $10,000 pay raise for city Treasurer Adam Cloud that was set to take effect Jan. 1.

The city council approved the raise on Monday. The increase would have brought Cloud's annual salary to $150,000, up from $140,000.

But Segarra sent a letter to Town and City Clerk John Bazzano late Wednesday saying the raise violated provisions of the state constitution.

"If the elected official's term of office is four years, said official's compensation may only be increased once after such official has completed two years of his term," Segarra wrote in a letter to Bazzano, citing the state constitution.

Segarra also pointed out that Cloud's first, four-year term will not begin until January. Cloud, who replaced city Treasurer Kathleen Palm Devine in February, was elected to his own term last month. He is currently serving out the remainder of Palm Devine's term.

"His term will commence in January 2012," Segarra wrote. "The legislative body in office on the date that the term begins must set the salary for the elected treasurer, which begins on that same date. A prior legislative body cannot set the salary for any elected official not yet in office."

Cloud could not be reached for comment Friday.

Seventy-five percent of Cloud's salary is paid for by the pension fund and other management accounts; 25 percent is paid by the city, city officials said.

Seven city council members voted Monday in favor of a resolution granting Cloud the raise. One council member voted against it and another was absent.

Supporters of the resolution said Cloud deserved the raise because he helped save the city money. Democrats on the council also agreed that Cloud would get a raise if he was elected to his own term, council President rJo Winch has said.

Councilman Larry Deutsch, the lone dissenter, said while it is notable that Cloud has saved the city money, it's part of his job.

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