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Winch, McCrory Will Not Challenge Pedro Segarra For Mayor


November 22, 2010

Hartford city council President rJo Winch and state Rep. Douglas McCrory both said Monday that they will not challenge Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra in the race next year.

Winch said she will seek re-election to the city council in the November 2011 election. McCrory was recently elected to his state legislative seat in the 7th District, and he will be returning to the state Capitol when the General Assembly reconvenes on Jan. 5.

"In spite of all Hartford's wrongs, I have not lost hope,'' McCrory said. "I can't lose hope. My biggest investment is here in Hartford my family.''

He added, "I will guarantee the people of Hartford this. The candidate I get behind will have my wholehearted public support. And if you thought I worked hard for my re-election bid watch out.''

Segarra, 51, said Sunday night that he will seek a full term as Hartford's mayor. Originally, Segarra had been expected only to fill out the term of disgraced Mayor Eddie A. Perez, who resigned after being convicted on five felony counts in a long-running corruption scandal that included bribery and extortion. Perez has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Segarra said he has been working seven days a week in trying to tackle the major problems facing the city, including a projected budget deficit of $8 million to $10 million in the current fiscal year. He is seeking concessions from the city's unions on the costs of prescription drugs and health care, but no agreements have been reached.

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