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Official Vote Totals From Hartford Primaries Released

By DAGNY SALAS | Courant Staff Writer

August 14, 2008

Registrars of voters from Hartford and Wethersfield released official results for Tuesday's primaries on Wednesday for the three Democratic legislative primaries and the Democratic and Republican registrars of voters.

In the 1st Senate District, state Sen. John W. Fonfara beat retired teacher Edwin Vargas Jr. by a vote of 1,884 to 1,444 in the city and 627-217 in Wethersfield, according to numbers from the city's and town's registrars. Fonfara will face Republican Barbara Ruhe in November.

In the 5th House District, state Rep. Marie Kirkley-Bey defeated the challenge of party-endorsed former state Rep. Abraham L. Giles 661-332. Newcomer and city police Officer Hector Robles was victorious in the 6th House District, fighting back the campaign of city teacher Carmen Sierra, 835-731.

Democratic Registrar of Voters Shirley Surgeon lost by a small margin to former Registrar Olga Iris Vazquez, 2,154 votes to 2,089.

In the only city Republican race of the night, incumbent and party-endorsed Registrar of Voters Salvatore A. Bramante defeated challenger Kevin R. Brookman, 243-97.

Citywide, 16.11 percent of eligible Democrats voted and 13.88 percent of Republicans did, according to numbers from the registrar of voters from each party.

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