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Borges Returns To Hartford City Hall

Former City Manager Named As New Corporation Counsel

Jenna Carlesso

July 16, 2010

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced his selection of a new corporation counsel Thursday — someone who knows "the ins and outs of city government" — Saundra Kee Borges, the former city manager.

Kee Borges, an adjunct public policy professor at Trinity College, was city manager under Mayor Mike Peters. She had worked previously as a supervisor in the corporation counsel's office and practiced law at her own firm, Segarra said.

She replaces John Rose, whose resignation was accepted by the mayor late last month. Rose, the first African American to hold the position, was appointed corporation counsel in 2004.

"Sandy is a person of great integrity and brings to this position a wealth of experience and talents that will serve our residents well," Segarra said in a statement. "She is a mentor, is highly organized, and we are so very fortunate to have a city resident who fully understands both municipal law and the ins and outs of city government."

The mayor also announced Thursday that Jose F. Colon-Rivas will be the acting chief of staff. Colon-Rivas is executive director of the city's Office for Young Children, and will continue to serve in that capacity as he adds the chief of staff's responsibilities, Segarra said.

Segarra has asked him to take on two roles to cut costs, said David Panagore, the city's chief operating officer.

"The mayor wants to reduce overall staffing and have people multitask," Panagore said.

Colon-Rivas replaces Susan McMullen, chief of staff for former Mayor Eddie A. Perez. McMullen was a paid adviser to Perez's first campaign before joining his staff in 2004.

Segarra said Colon-Rivas is a "highly trained research analyst with a proven track record of developing successful programs."

"My chief of staff will be an ambassador to our community-based organizations… His dual role is part of my team's multitasking approach to government encouraging alternative points of view," Segarra said.

Both positions become effective Monday.

The appointment of the new corporation counsel must be approved the city council in August, but Kee Borges will still start work on Monday, as allowed by the city charter, Panagore said.

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