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Perez's Corporation Counsel, Chief Of Staff Submit Resignations

Jenna Carlesso

July 01, 2010

Shortly after Pedro E. Segarra was sworn in as mayor Friday, he said he'd asked all of the city's department heads for a letter of resignation and warned of impending staff changes at city hall.

On Wednesday, those changes began to materialize.

Segarra announced Wednesday afternoon that he has accepted letters of resignation from Chief of Staff Susan McMullen and the city's corporation counsel, John Rose Jr.

McMullen will stay on until the end of July to finish some work, Segarra said. No departure date has been scheduled for Rose.

Segarra also said Wednesday that Chief Operating Officer David Panagore will keep his job.

The mayor said "some people have expressed interest" in succeeding Rose as corporation counsel, but no one has been chosen yet.

Rose was appointed corporation counsel in February 2004, becoming the first African American to hold the city's top lawyer job. He worked previously as a lawyer in Farmington.

McMullen was a paid adviser with former Mayor Eddie A. Perez's first campaign before joining his staff in 2004.

Neither Rose nor McMullen could be reached for comment Wednesday.

Panagore will stay on for the remainder of the mayor's term, which runs through January 2012, Segarra said.

Panagore was hired by the city in October 2008 as director of development services. He was named chief operating officer in July 2009.

"I'm very happy to be staying on," Panagore said Wednesday. "I like this city. I like the potential. I like the people."

Segarra has also accepted letters of resignation from other employees in the mayor's office. Among them, Panagore said, was Perez's executive assistant, Barbara Crockett.

Segarra continued to meet with department heads into the afternoon Wednesday.

"He's looking to make good decisions, not just quick ones," Panagore said of Segarra.

Segarra said more city staffing changes can be expected in the coming weeks.

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