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No Word On Winners In Hartford Democratic Primaries


March 03, 2010


City officials had a hard time getting votes in the Democratic town committee counted and made available to the public Tuesday, and it was well past 11 p.m. by the time they did. And even then one of the three assembly districts that held a primary was unavailable due, apparently, to issues with some ballots.

Unofficially though, the 5th and 7th districts were decided.

In the 5th district a slate headed by Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey won by a large margin. The slate, which campaigned on a promise to clean up city politics and to hold whoever is in the mayor's seat or on the city council accountable to residents, also includes Mamie M. Bell, Alffe Blake, Donald S. Brown Jr., Julio A. Concepcion, Eric Crawford, Marc A. DiBella, Steven M. Harris, Georgiana E. Holloway, Frank Xavier Sentner, Clorinda Soldevila and Rebecca A. Wareing.

They defeated the slate of W. Michael Downes, Juanita M. Giles, Glendowlyn Hall, Ashley J. Johnson, Joseph L. Martinez, Brandon L. McGee Jr., Charles F. Oxley, Paul M. Ritter, Olga Iris Vazquez, Radames V. Vazquez, Charlene Williams and Ludella Perry Williams.

In the 7th district, the slate of Paul Basch, Karen Cato, Darrell S. Garner, Carl Hardrick, Prenzina Raines Holloway, Shawn R. Holloway, Douglas McCrory, Naomi Crawford McKoy, Judith A. Pegram, Shirley A. Surgeon, Donna Thompson-Daniel, Louis Watkins, Jr. and Andrew Woods defeated a partial slate of Helen Boutte, Jacqueline Baskin Bryant, Yvonne Daniels, Douglas J. Green and Nicki A. Webster.

As for the delay in releasing numbers head moderator Tony Mein said that he had to go over each moderator's paperwork to make sure there were no "adding mistakes" and that all the "paperwork was included."

"We can only do it one way," Mein said.

Numbers for the 4th district primary were still unavailable after midnight.

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