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Several Districts Contested In Democratic Town Committee Race


February 06, 2012

HARTFORD A total of 152 candidates are vying for half as many seats on the city's Democratic Town Committee, according to unofficial numbers.

The 7th District, which occupies portions of central and northwest Hartford, is the most highly contested, with three slates competing for 15 seats. The town committee election will be held March 6.

The first slate consists of Gwendolyn V. Bailey, Kevin R. Brookman, Evelyn Cortez, Gregory Covington, Barbara Diggs, Victoria L. Fennell, Kenneth P. Green, Joshua Malik Hall, Solomon O. Hall, Michael James Harris, Dawn L. Kardulis, Estella V. Knight, Marc H. Lucier, Douglas McCrory and Luverne Mott will occupy Row B on the ballot.

The second slate consists of Mary L. Ash, Elisha A. Barrows, Frank D. Barrows, Barbara Baxter-London, Mark A. Bibbins, Helen Boutte, Lelia J. Bouyer, Royal A. Casey, John W. Gardner, Kenji Harris, Elaine Hatcher, Clarke King, Ronald Mink, Derrick F. Robinson and Monique M. Wrice.

The third slate for the 7th District consists of Christine Baptiste-McCalla, Jerry Buchanon, Ramon Andre Daniel, Carl Hardrick, Shawn R. Holloway, Lakeisha Cheri Houston, V. Lashaune Houston, Winston Kennedy, Raymond Martin, Evelyn Renee Richardson, Samuel R. Saylor, Donna Thompson-Daniel, Raymond E. Vail Jr., Alexis Van Cole and Andrew Woods.

Candidates were required to collect signatures from 5 percent of the enrolled Democrats in their districts to qualify to appear on the ballot, said Olga Vazquez, the city's Democratic registrar of voters. In the 7th District, she said, that is 344 signatures.

Other contested districts are the 3rd District, with two 14-candidate slates; the 4th District, with two 13-candidate slates; the 5th District, with two six-candidate slates; and the 6th District, with two 13-candidate slates.

The 1st District is not contested, with only one 15-candidate slate.

Here is the complete list of candidates:

1st District (uncontested): Slate 1: Karen Cato; Francoise C. Deristel; Matt Fleury; Constance Belton Green; Carlos Hernandez-Chavez; John W. Heslin; Prenzina Raines Holloway; Luwannia A. Johnson-Martin; John B. Kennelly; Kelly G. Kirkley-Bey; James M. Mullarkey; Nina Anne Musumeci; Shirley A. Surgeon; and Ronnie E. Walker.

3rd District: Slate 1: Minnie Gonzalez; Damaris Bolorin; Marcel A. Cicero; Raul DeJesus Jr.; Celestino Jimenez Jr.; Antonio E. Martinez; David G. Morin; Krishna P. Naraine; James E. Quint; Sadoc Ramos; Virgen C. Rodriguez; Luis Rodriguez-Davila; and R. Michael Smith.

Slate 2: Luis Angel Acosta Jr.; Maria M. Ayala; Tina Collier; Sonia Cruz; Rudy Omar Daniels; Ramon Garcia; Devon Leslie; Victor M. Luna Jr.; Johnnie W. McPhail; Evelyn A. Nieves; Zoraida Ricciardi; Americo S. Rodrigues; Santa T. Serrano; and Daiana Torres.

4th District: Slate 1: Ralph Arena; Sean P. Arena; Teresa Baez; Andre Caban; Deborah J. Horton-Bigelow; Jose U. Morales; Glaisma Perez-Silva; James Emory Regan; Kelvin Roldan; Hugh Russell; Genaro Sepulveda-Melendez; Luz V. Sullivan; and Sammy Vazquez.

Slate 2: Angel Arce; Jose A. Contreras Jr.; Marlene Cuero; Gregory M. Davis; Victor Deliz; Marc A. DiBella; Jose Fuentes; Tariq Islam; Ellen S. Nurse; Panida Anna Pollawit; Frank Xavier Sentner; Kevin Vega; and Rebecca A. Wareing.

5th District: Slate 1: Mamie M. Bell; Eric Crawford; Steven M. Harris; Paul M. Ritter; Craig T. Stallings; and Radames V. Vazquez.

Slate 2: Darlene R. Childs; Clive Duncan; Andrea E. Hill; Nadine Muhammad; Helen B. Nixon; and Naimah Shabazz.

6th District Slate1: Michael F. Brescia; Raquel Calderon; Alfonsina Castillo; Carmen Colon; Kathleen Kowalyshyn; Lillie B. Parker; John M. Phillips; Jeannette Rodriguez; Maly Rosado; Laury S. Rosario-Claudio; Albi Sako; Anna Delia Sarraga-Cieri; and Hyacinth A. Yennie.

Slate 2: Elia V. Acosta; Janet A. Appellof; Edward Casares Jr.; Nazario J. Figueroa; Glenn E. Geathers; Marie Gionfrido Hamilton; Riberia S. Jones; David MacDonald; Alphonse S. Marotta; Giuseppe Miano; Alejandro Rodriguez; Cecilia B. Scholossberg; and Daniel Scholossberg.

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