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Rebooting Hartford

Hartford Business Journal Editorial

July 12, 2010

From the day Pedro Segarra was sworn in as mayor of Hartford, heís been saying all the right things.

Heís been humble, particularly in his wholly believable disclaimer that he never aspired to be mayor. His is a triumph of fate and timing rather than of shrewd political strategy. And in these complex days, thatís refreshing.

He hasnít been shy about telling his personal story of immigrating here at age 15 and moving forward through education and hard work. Heís spoken with passion about the cityís assets and with honesty about its challenges. Heís reached out to those who can be of help, particularly those in state and federal government. But heís also shown an appreciation for Hartfordís diversity. Most of all, heís shown a recognition that its renaissance can only come about through a rebooting of its economy that goes beyond paying lip service to business. Itís easy to like whatís transpired so far and to root for Segarra to succeed.

But the road is long and rocky. Actions will speak louder than words, both for Segarra and for those so eager to help.Weíre eager to see the next act in this play. Hartford deserves a happy ending.

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