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Roldan Named Deputy Majority Leader

By Jenna Carlesso

December 30, 2010

State Rep. Kelvin Roldan, D-Hartford, will serve as deputy majority leader for the House Democrats.

You can read his press release below:


State Representative Kelvin Roldán (D-Hartford) has been appointed by House Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey (D-Hamden) to serve as a Deputy Majority Leader for the Connecticut General Assembly's House Democrats.

"The choice of Kelvin Roldán as one of my Deputy Majority Leaders was not difficult as Kelvin has the experience in city government and education that will help craft an agenda that includes perspectives of urban issues," Sharkey said.

"It will be an honor to work closely with Majority Leader Sharkey as part of his leadership team," Rep. Roldán said. "I look forward to applying my extensive expertise and knowledge of educational and other issues our cities face as the agenda for the 2011 legislative session unfolds."

Deputy Majority Leaders are responsible for aiding the Majority Leader with the review and development of policy, the analysis of critical legislation, and with the agenda of the majority party. As one of the seven Deputy Majority Leaders, Rep. Roldán will work closely with the majority leader to rally support to pass critical legislation.

This appointment puts Roldán, a third term Latino Democrat, in a prominent leadership position with increased ability and influence to ensure representation on issues that affect the community. The entire membership of the General Assembly will be sworn into office on January 5th at the State Capitol.

Kelvin represents Hartford's 4th Assembly District in Hartford. In addition to serving as Deputy Majority Leader, he will serve on the Appropriations, Insurance and Real Estate and Judiciary Committees this legislative session.

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