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More Roldan Legislation

By Jenna Carlesso

December 22, 2010

State Rep. Kelvin Roldan's camp has sent out another release about Roldan's plans to introduce new legislation. This time, Roldan said he intends to draft a measure that would prevent significant tax increases on Hartford homeowners. See below:



Rep. Kelvin Roldan (D-Hartford) announced today that he was introducing legislation to prevent significant tax increases on Hartford homeowners resulting from the expiration of the city's business surtax which was repealed in October of this year by legislation passed in 2006.

"The shift of the tax burden to Hartford homeowners is a looming threat that will hit Hartford families hard in their wallets and hurt the vitality of our neighborhoods. We must act with a sense of urgency and I believe this proposal provides much needed tax relief to homeowners, small businesses and renters," Rep. Roldán said.

Homeowners, particularly those in the West End, Blue Hills and Southwest neighborhoods will face significant tax increase as millions of dollars in taxes previously paid by corporations are shifted primarily to city homeowners in the coming year.

"We are at the start of the legislative process and the General Assembly needs to hear ideas and receive input from all the stakeholders as we craft solutions to the property tax challenge in Hartford. I look forward to working with my colleagues, neighborhood residents and small businesses to deliver real tax relief to Hartford's working families in the coming session," Rep. Roldán said.

Under Roldán's proposal, Hartford homeowners will pay taxes on 20% of the assessed value of their home up to $350,000 and the full tax rate on value above $350,000. Small business owners will receive the same credit for their main place of business. Renters with a registered car in the city of Hartford will be taxed on 20% of the first $5,000 of value of their motor vehicle while paying the full rate on value exceeding $5,000.

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