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Candidates For Clerk Submit Resumes

By Jeffrey B. Cohen

September 25, 2009

At least a dozen people have submitted resumes to the city council to be considered as the replacement for Town and City Clerk Daniel Carey, who died two weeks ago.

Among those interested are former Councilman and Democratic Town Committee Chairman Noel McGregor; former Council President John Bazzano; Donna Brown-Roberts, the wife of Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts; and Winston Smith, who now serves as the assistant town clerk.

The city council has the authority to hire a clerk. The city's personnel department said there is no job description or advertisement for the job. The salary range for the position is $89,100 to $136,640.

Council President Calixto Torres would not discuss the candidates Friday, but the council's Democrats met earlier in the day to talk about them, he said.

"There's still some more discussion to be had, and then it will come up for action on Monday and we'll see where the votes fall," Torres said. "It's always been an internal council process, a straight political appointment."

Torres said there had yet to be discussion on the council about how much money the new clerk will be paid. Asked about the decision-making process, Torres said "we look at their resumes and we discuss the individuals."

"Everything is taken into consideration," he said.

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