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Peterson Suprised To Hear She's Two Votes Short

By Jenna Carlesso

August 20, 2010

In a telephone conversation with The Courant Friday, Alyssa Peterson, who had petitioned to be on the November ballot as an independent, was surprised to hear she was two votes short. Peterson is hoping to challenge Hector Robles for the 6th District state representative seat.

"The secretary of the state didn't tell me. I was very upset that I had to learn this through Cityline," she said.

"As a candidate, someone should've written me a letter" telling her she didn't have enough signatures, Peterson said. She said the city registrar's office told her she had qualified. "I was informed previously by the registrar that I was OK," she said.

Peterson said she went to city hall and learned that one of the signatures that was denied was that of a town committee member, Alex Rodriguez. She said she's working with the registrar's office to determine if there might be errors.

"On Monday I made an appointment to go and check their files to look at other missing voters who might've been purged from the database by accident or whose names might have been misspelled," Peterson said. "I've found one error, and I expect to find more Monday."

Peterson said she is not criticizing the registrar's office. "I'm not blaming them," she said. "They're willing to work with me to see if there are any errors on their part."

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