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Republican State Party Chairman Calls On House Speaker To Demand Robles' Resignation

By Jenna Carlesso

August 16, 2010

Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy is calling on House Speaker Christopher Donovan, D-Meriden, to demand that state Rep. Hector Robles resign from his post. Robles represents the 6th District (south Hartford).

Robles has been accused by his employer -- the Hartford Police Department -- of running a double-billing scheme that defrauded the city out of more than $9,000. Robles, an officer, works the overnight shift for the department.

Healy's press release is below:

For Immediate Release

Contact: Chris Healy

August 16, 2010

Speaker's silence on Robles Deafening:

Where is the Call For his Resignation?

House Speaker Chris Donovan, D-Meriden, should demand the resignation of Hartford legislator and disgraced police officer Hector Robles, Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy said Monday.

"What does a legislator have to do to further disgrace his office?" Healy asked. "Hector Robles is a poster-child for the corruption that has consumed Democratic politics, yet Speaker Donovan has done nothing."

Robles did take time Friday to join his Democratic colleagues to give Dan Malloy $6 million for his gubernatorial campaign.

Robles has been accused of double-billing the department more than $9,000 for private duty work and has hinted his would resign from representing the people of the Sixth House District, which includes part of the capitol city. Robles hasn't denied the allegations and is entitled to challenge them, however his lack of concern over the charges seems fitting, given the attitude of permissiveness in the House Democratic caucus. The Senate Democrats are also not immune, as published reports indicate state Sen. Thomas Gaffey, D-Meriden, is still being investigated for his double billing practices.

Other legislators who have pushed the ethical or questionable conduct envelope include state Rep. James O'Rourke, D-Cromwell, who left a passenger to perish in the cold and state Rep. Jeffrey Berger, D-Waterbury, who has been accused of making misstatements on a financial document.

"Speaker Donovan should at the very least explain whether he has spoken to Rep. Robles and what steps he has taken to restore public confidence," Healy said. "As a police officer and an elected official, Rep. Robles should be held to a higher standard."

State Democratic leaders have an opportunity to set that standard - for Robles and the other elected Democrats who consider themselves better than their constituents.

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