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Councilman Luis Cotto Will Run For Reelection

By Jenna Carlesso

June 23, 2011

See the councilman's press release below. Word is that Councilmen Jim Boucher, Calixto Torres and Robert Painter will not run for reelection. Council President rJo Winch, Councilman Corey Brinson and Councilman Kenneth Kennedy have said they would seek reelection.


Luis E. Cotto announces reŽlection campaign for City Council

He also announces the candidacy of local organizer

City Council Minority Leader Luis E. Cotto officially filed papers this afternoon making him a candidate for city council in this Novembers election. Over the past four years, Councilperson Cotto has been a progressive voice on Hartford City Council, standing up and speaking for progressive change in our City. He has authored legislation on issues ranging from workers rights, a just immigration policy, recreational opportunities for youth and has become the leading advocate at City Hall for Hartford's parks and the arts and arts access for all residents.

Cotto has also used his office as a platform to advocate for social change and not only talks the talk but walks the walk, walking in picket lines, rallies and marches as well as giving talks at local schools, colleges and universities to demystify the workings of City Hall.

Legislative highlights of Cotto's tenure so far include:

∑ Authored and codified a nationally replicated Immigration Ordinance that broke down the barrier between the police department and immigrant populations.

∑ Co-Chaired the City's Living Wage Task Force, which led to expansion and increased effectiveness of the City's law.

∑ Successfully leading the charge against 200+ acres commercial development within Keney Park.

∑ Authored and passed the City's "Ban the Box" legislation which opens up more employment opportunities for re-entry populations within the City and its contractors

∑ Chaired the Hartford Landfill Task Force, which created recommendations for the future use of one of Hartford's decade long eyesores.

∑ Created the Hartford Skatepark Taskforce, which will lead to the creation of an official skatepark at Heaven on top of I84.

∑ Authoring and passing legislation that forbade the use of credit checks within City hiring processes.

∑ Authored legislation including transgender persons as a protected class within City Equal Opportunity law, as well as outlawing housing discrimination on the basis of gender indentity.

Cotto would also like to draw attention to the recently announced candidacy of Joel Cruz, Jr.. Says Cotto, "One of my goals has to highlight young promising individuals whom I feel would do great for the City. Joel Cruz definitely fits that profile. His leadership during the SustiNet campaign at the State Capitol is a great example of what he will bring to the dais as a council member."

Joel Cruz, an Interamerican University of Theology graduate and ordained minister, was born and raised in Hartford. He currently manages the Health records department at the Charter Health Center.

Joel served 4 years of distinguished active service in the United States Marine Corps. He serves on the Hartford Hospital Pastoral Services Advisory Committee; served under the Health Information Committee for Connecticut Universal Healthcare (Sustinet); and recently began serving on the board of directors for the African Caribbean American Parents of Children with Disabilities, Inc. (AFCAMP). He resides on Exeter Street with his wife and two children.

For additional press inquiries, please contact Councilperson Cotto at luis.cotto@gmail.com. Inquiries about Mr. Cruz can be directed to (860) 597-1817 or pastors@comcast.net.

Reprinted with permission of the CityLine blog of the Hartford Courant. To view other stories on this topic, search the CityLine at http://blogs.courant.com/cityline/ and the Hartford Courant Archives at http://www.courant.com/archives.
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