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Segarra's Campaign Takes In More Than $100,000

By Jenna Carlesso

April 01, 2011

Mayor Pedro Segarra announced today that he's raised more than $100,000 in second-quarter campaign finances. The fundraising deadline was March 31 at midnight. The deadline for candidates to file is April 10. Stay tuned.


Campaign Says $80,000 Raised in Last 3 Weeks Just the Beginning-

Thirty-Five Fundraisers and Meet & Greets Scheduled in the Next Two Months

HARTFORD, CT - Today Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced that he has raised over $100,000 this quarter from hundreds of donors including $80,000 in the last 3 weeks of March.

"We are off to a terrific start," stated Segarra who hired his first campaign staff on March 1st. "This campaign will engage the people of Hartford and provide a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm to the voters. We will run a professional and positive campaign; it is the same tone I am trying to set at City Hall. The money raised will be used to get my message to the voters on my ideas about Hartford," said Mayor Segarra.

The majority of my time and focus remains every day on improving City Hall operations and service. In the last few weeks, I have hired a professional campaign staff that has begun to raise funds for the campaign and engage our citywide supporters.

Our rate of fundraising will grow exponentially as the campaign gets closer. We expect to have substantial funds to run a big and winning campaign.

Mayor Segarra continued, "Over the next two months my campaign has over thirty-five meet & greets and fundraisers throughout the city. I want to hear the voter's thoughts and build a grassroots organization. I will be taking my message of new opportunities, new growth and new prosperity for all of Hartford straight to the neighborhoods."

I also expect that the business, insurance, and legal leaders of this city, whose institutions are the cities' financial backbone, will be strongly supporting my campaign going forward.

Mayor Segarra took the oath of office on June 25, 2010. Prior to that, he served as City Council President, and was appointed to City Council on 2006, winning election in his own right in 2007. He formerly served the city as their corporation counsel. Segarra, a 37 year resident of Hartford is a graduate of the University of Hartford, the UConn School of Social Work, and UConn Law.

Since taking office, Mayor Segarra's has been working hard to achieve many city milestones: providing a more cost efficient and better run city hall to hold the line on property taxes, obtaining a 7% reduction in crime, increasing employment opportunities, removing roadblocks to development such as tearing down the "Butt Ugly" building, while also fostering new development such as the opening of Market @ 21 and the selling of the former Sonesta Hotel on Constitution Plaza, and negotiating needed pension reforms for city employees that will help the cities' long term finances. There are over 60 development projects which Mayor Segarra is pursuing spanning out to all parts of Hartford.

For more information on Mayor Segarra or make a contribution online, please visit www.segarraformayor.com.

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