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Kelvin Roldan for...?

By Jeffrey B. Cohen

April 01, 2009

It's official. Sort of.

Hartford State Rep. Kelvin Roldan has filed paperwork setting up an exploratory committee for an undetermined state election. The paperwork doesn't say which office he seeks, but the representative did.

"I'm specifically looking at secretary of the state and comptroller," Roldan, 30, said in an interview today. "I'm out here having conversations with people and Democratic leaders across the state of Connecticut to understand and determine what might happen in the future."

Roldan said his decision on which office to run for depends "on what the two incumbents decide to do."

Roldan, in his second term as the representative from the city's 4th House District, said he has the experience for the job. He has worked for two years as the development director for the city's board of education and for six years before that for Mayor Eddie A. Perez.

"I have a great deal of government experience and I've been doing work on behalf of the people of Hartford and the people of Connecticut for eight years now," said Roldan, who is one of four vice chairs of the legislature's appropriations committee.

"I am elected to office, at the end of the day," Roldan said. "I think I have a great deal to offer despite my age."

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