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Roldan Raises More Than $30K

By Jenna Carlesso

March 31, 2011

Kelvin Roldan, a state representative who may or may not be running for mayor in the upcoming election, has raised more than $30,000 so far, he said today. Here's the press release from his camp:



Contact: Chris Cooper, Cooper Communications (860) 836-7491

State Representative Kelvin Roldán announced today that his exploratory committee for municipal office in the City of Hartford had raised over $30K in its first filing from more than 150 donors. Roldán, who announced his exploratory campaign in January of this year, easily outpaced Mayor Segarra's fundraising in the previous quarter, even though Roldán's exploratory committee is limited to receiving $375 donations while Segarra's committee and that of announced candidate Shawn Wooden have solicited donations of up to $1,000.

"I am excited about the momentum we have gained during this exploratory phase," Representative Roldán said. "Voters have been very supportive of my message of change for Hartford. Over the past 10 years I have been delivering results for the people of Hartford on the issues that matter to them most - issues such as job creation, educational reform and public safety - and I have enjoyed our dialogue on how we can work together to make a brighter future for our city. In the next few weeks, based on conversations I continue to have with the people of Hartford, I will announce whether or not I intend to seek municipal office in the City of Hartford this year."

A resident of the Barry Square neighborhood, Roldán was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Hartford's Stowe Village housing project - along with seven of his nine brothers and sisters. At the age of 28, he became the youngest Hispanic ever elected to the House of Representatives and as Deputy Majority Leader is presently the highest-ranking Latino in the General Assembly.

In addition to his service as a lawmaker, Roldán is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Hartford Public Schools. He plays an important role in the school reform process underway in the capital city's school system. He is the school district's development officer and oversees the district's relationship with corporations and the foundations that support the reform agenda. He is responsible for the coordination of approximately $10 million in strategic areas of investment and during his tenure has raised more than $30 million in support of district priorities.


Paid for by Roldan 2011

Kenneth Kahn, Treasurer

Approved by Kelvin Roldan

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