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And Onto Malloy's Budget.--

By Jenna Carlesso

February 16, 2011

The mayor followed up an earlier statement on President Obama's budget with the one below on Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's budget:


(February 16, 2011)--- Mayor Pedro E. Segarra appreciates Governor Malloy's vision that cities will play a vital role in moving Connecticut forward and his issued this statement regarding today's state budget proposal:

"Hartford, as Connecticut's Capital City, has unique financial challenges and regional responsibilities. I applaud the Governor for supporting a State Earned Income Tax Credit and additional monies for affordable housing and homelessness prevention efforts. I am also pleased by his willingness to provide municipalities with optional local revenue generators; it clearly demonstrates that, as a former Mayor, he understands our present limitations, needs and challenges. On the other hand, the program reductions cost-savings that will be realized through agency consolidation is critical - by trimming the size of government and eliminating wasteful bureaucracy, he will give the business community predictability and help expedite many of the processes that facilitate the creation of new jobs.

Urban reinvestment and job creation tax credits are also very positive incentives. While increased taxes are not ideal -- especially on residents of one of the poorest cities in the nation--- what the Governor is proposing is a long-term solution and roadmap that will ultimately benefit urban areas like Hartford."

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