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Segarra To Be Appointed To School Building Comittee?

By Jenna Carlesso

February 11, 2011

A resolution is being introduced at the city council's regular meeting Monday to appoint Mayor Pedro Segarra and Councilman Kenneth Kennedy to the city's school building committee.

The resolution states that the "court of common council hereby appoints the mayor of the city of Hartford ... and Councilman Kenneth H. Kennedy Jr." Council members Jim Boucher, Kennedy and new Councilman Corey Brinson's names are attached to the resolution.

Segarra could not immediately be reached for comment today. Brinson said the mayor has expressed a desire to be part of the committee, and he supports that.

"Ultimately, he's responsible for everything that goes well or goes wrong in the city," Brinson said. "To the extent that he wants to serve on that [committee], he should be able to. This way, he can't claim he didn't know something or was out of the loop."

As chairman of the council's operations, management and budget committee, Kennedy said he is concerned about many of the issues that come up at the school building committee meetings, particularly the renovations of some Hartford schools set to take place.

"As the budget chair, I think it's a natural flow because bonding will be used for the building [renovations]," he said.

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