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Edwin Vargas To Run For Mayor

Jenna Carlesso

January 28, 2011

Edwin Vargas, a former Hartford Democratic Town Committee chairman who serves on the city's planning and zoning commission, said today that he will run for mayor in the upcoming November election.

Vargas, a Democrat, unsuccessfully challenged incumbent state Sen. John Fonfara for the 1st Senate District seat in the August primary.

His release is below:


Mr. Edwin Vargas, Jr. will be announcing his candidacy for the office of mayor of the city of Hartford. Mr. Vargas, a former Democratic Town chairman, who currently serves on the city's planning and zoning commission plans to make the announcement on Friday, January 28 at the Shop Fare Supermarket located at 685 Maple Avenue from 7:00 to 7:30 pm to be followed by a social gathering at Jessie's Café located at 1943 Broad Street.

Mr. Vargas, who also served as Chairman of the Connecticut Latinos for Barack Obama during the successful Obama'08 presidential campaign, firmly believes that Hartford's neighborhood residents need to exercise stronger control over the decisions being made in city hall. He is committing himself to ensure that their voices are heard on all important matters, especially on taxes, employment development, job training, education reform, housing and quality of life issues.

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