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Hartford Youth Art Renaissance Excellence Award Winners

Colleen Kopp

June 22, 2010

If you missed the 37th annual Hartford Youth Art Renaissance (HYAR) exhibition in the Hartford Courant Room of the Wadsworth Atheneum and the 3rd floor of the Hartford Public Library, be sure to see it next year.

Susan Talbott, Director of the Wadsworth, shared a story at the HYAR artists' private reception about a recent board meeting for a valuable Baroque painting. The piece was displayed on an easel in the Hartford Courant Room. But instead of fixating on the European masterpiece, the board members were enamored with the students' work and gravitated to the walls around the room.

"The buzz in the room was how wonderful and talented our kids from Hartford are," Talbott said.

All participants received certificates. A panel of judges granted awards for excellence in different age groups. Five students were given awards for excellence and one student received an audience favorite award. The younger children were given art supplies and the older students received gift cards to art-supply stores.

The 11th and 12th grade portfolio award went to Marlena Garza, 17, 11th grader from Classical Magnet. The 10 pieces she submitted in her portfolio won her a scholarship and weekly stipend from the Wadsworth to attend the Summer High School Visual Arts Program at the Univ. of Hartford during the month of July.

"I'm really happy that I got it," Garza said, amid camera flashes and people walking by and congratulating her. Garza said she hopes to minor in art in college.

Her parents Lorenzo Garza and Maryann Kurth-Garza from Windsor said they were delighted and proud with their daughter's achievement.

"We're so happy. Her hard work paid off."

"It's wonderful to see how art brings out children's inner selves," said Tricia Hendricks, standing next to her daughter Bryanna Holloway's piece entitled 'Happy Me.'

"We draw all the time," Hendricks said. "I make sure my children are very constructive with their time. Drawing helps Bryanna stay focused."

Hendricks said when she received an invitation to the artists' private reception at the Wadsworth, she was excited and so proud. "Look at you, nine years old and your art is already on display."

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