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Lost and Found

A way in for Hartford students who have all but dropped out

By Nyesha McCauley

November 22, 2012

For too many students in Hartford the hope of walking across the stage with a high school diploma in hand is fading. While there are many reasons students drop out of school (pregnancy, lack of parent support, bullying, academic difficulties or other family issues have made getting to school less of a priority) the hard reality is a college graduate earns an annual salary that is three times higher than a high school dropout (National High School Center). In fact, without a high school diploma, you may not be eligible for jobs that can break the cycle of poverty that all too often exist within families, communities and cities across America.

With fewer and fewer employment opportunities for individuals without a high school degree, drop outs often turn crime and/or drugs as a way to deal with their lack of employability.

Thankfully In Hartford There Is Way To Get Back On Track.

Hartford Public School’s has established “Student Success Centers” at Bulkeley, Weaver and Hartford Public High School to help students who have strayed from the path. These centers are staffed with graduation specialists who encourage struggling students not only to stay, but to excel at school.

Using tailored academic plans that address the individual needs of each student, these centers provide support in academic instruction, credit recovery and successful internships that result in students achieving enough credits to obtain their high school diploma.

Earning a high school diploma is a major milestone in a young person’s life and a necessary step toward creating the future you deserve.. Making the most of your education is hard work and finding your way back may seem out of reach, but for those students willing to invest in themselves, the Student Success Center is a great place to start.

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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