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Everyone Invested In Hartfordís Education Reform Should Pause And Reflect During Graduation Season

By Nyesha McCauley

June 20, 2013

As we end this school year two important themes stand out: (1) What an accomplishment graduation is for so many students; and (2) how despite whatís been achieved in Hartford, we still have a long way to go.

Graduation rates in Hartford have dramatically improved in recent years but still, more than one-third of the students do not graduate in four years. And of those who do graduate, not all are heading off to college. We have discussed here in this paper and out in the community the many challenges Hartford students face becoming college and career ready. At the end of the day that is what Hartfordís reform is all about.

It is something we hope everyone keeps in mind as we head through the summer and into a new school year. The Hartford community will be called upon to give their input on the transition in leadership. Voters will go to the polls on November 5 to cast ballots for the four elected members on the Board of Education and a search will begin for a new Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools.

There can be no greater impact to reform direction and school improvement success than policies established by the Board of Education and its leadership. Change can be unsettling, but it can be good if it continues to move us forward.

Hartford's appointed and elected leaders will need to work in partnership with the new District superintendent to ensure that Hartford delivers on the promise of high-quality school options - and outcomes - for students and families. We believe strongly that change is best navigated when all parties are committed to working together with a shared vision.

Through this transition our goals and priorities must remain clear and we must meet them with a sense of urgency. You will hear more from Achieve Hartford! on these issues and the state of education reform as we move through this process.

But for today letís all congratulate the 2013 graduates and their families. Your hard work and dedication has been rewarded.

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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