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I Am...Living In A Triple

"I Am ...," appearing every other Monday, explores the life experiences of teenagers and young adults in their own words.

By ROSS TAYLOR, The Hartford Courant

December 17, 2007

This fall, three strangers lugged their belongings into a small dorm room at the University of Hartford and began to share their space and their lives. In this room in Hawk Hall are Lana Orin, from the Bronx, N.Y., and two students from Connecticut: Tayler Dubé of Canterbury and Megan Truax of Oxford.

Tayler: Essentially, we were all strangers and so it was kind of awkward at first, but we immediately clicked and became pretty good friends.

Lana: It was overwhelming at first to meet new people and have to live with them for a year, but then you find each other's interests.

Tayler: Before we all met, we had all sent each other messages online and stuff saying how excited we were to meet each other so, like, it was never really a question if anyone was going to be, like, the mean roommate, you know? We all seemed to be pretty happy people.

Megan: One of the best parts about living with two people, instead of just one is, like, I get to know all of their friends, too, like I met completely different levels of people because we're all in different classes in the art school. ... It just helps to open up a lot more doors to different people.

Lana: I rely on my roommates if I've run out of Cheez-Its [laughing]. Normally, they have something to munch on because I'm always hungry.

Tayler: Something quirky about Megan is that she sleep-talks. Occasionally, I wake up to what I think is her on the phone with her boyfriend, but it's not. She talks to various people, including her other friend Taylor, some girl named Amy at one point [they all laugh], and it never makes sense.

Megan: We like different types of music, we do different types of things, we have different types of friends, but we all get along so it's kind of cool.

Tayler: At first it was a little rough, getting used to it, like sleeping-wise, and accepting it as the place where I live but now, it's become my room.

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