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More City Kids Attending State Universities

Tied to Collaboration with High Schools, Middle Schools


October 26, 2011

Overall enrollment in the state's four smaller universities is down slightly by about 2 percent but enrollment of students from the state's largest cities is up.

The number of students from Danbury, New Haven, Waterbury, Hartford and Bridgeport is up this fall, compared to last fall. New Haven showed the greatest increase with 1,083 city students attending one of the four state universities 149 more than last year.

New Britain has the same number attending state universities as last year: 681.

"There has been a conscious effort on the part of the universities to reach out to the urban communities," said Bernard Kavaler, spokesman for the university system, which includes Central, Eastern, Southern and Western state universities, "and to work with those students on both access to college as well as success once they are at college."

"I think part of what's reflected here is consistent ongoing effort to work with students in the urban communities."

Kavaler said that university faculty and admissions staff are coordinating with high school faculty and advisers to be sure that high school students are prepared for college and informed about the universities.

"There are programs at the high school level and at the middle school level," Kavaler said, "where students in the urban communities are being made aware of what the universities have to offer."

Danbury, home to Western Connecticut State University, once again enrolled the largest number of city students, increasing from 1,358 a year ago to 1,401 this year.

By the year 2020, state officials estimate, that 47 percent of the state's 25 to 29-year-olds will be individuals of color.

"There will be more young people of color and more young people who have grown up in urban communities," Kavaler said. "It's absolutely critical to Connecticut's workforce, the degree to which they are able to pursue higher education"

Louise H. Feroe, acting chancellor of the Connecticut State University System, said: "We must continue to reach out to our urban communities, work with community colleges and strengthen our collaborative efforts with K-12 educators in our cities and across the state. These numbers should provide substantial encouragement to accelerate those collaborations."

Here are the top 10 communities sending students to Central, Eastern, Southern or Western state universities:

1 Danbury 1,401

2 New Haven 1,083

3 Hamden 787

4 Waterbury 782

5 Bristol 715

6 Milford 704

7 Hartford 696

8 Wallingford 684

9 New Britain 681

10 Bridgeport 679

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