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LaChance Out As Democratic School Board Candidate

By Steve Goode

September 14, 2009

A few months ago, the Democratic town committee had more interested candidates for Hartford's school board than it did available slots. But now, with the resignation of endorsed candidate Rob LaChance, its back to convention for the Dems.

Town committee chairman Sean Arena got the word from LaChance late last week and it became official today. LaChance told him that an out of state job opportunity was going to take a toll on his schedule and that he didn't feel he would be able to properly serve the students, parents and other citizens of Hartford.

Arena said he understands that LaChance has to look out for family first and that he's just glad this happened before the election and not after it.

He said a nominating convention will take place next week, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday and that folks who threw their hat in the ring unsuccessfully at the last convention would be welcome to do so again, along with other interested Democrats.

One name that won't be floated though is that of Elizabeth Brad Noel, an incumbent board member that the town committee didn't see fit to re-endorse. Don't feel too bad for Noel though - the Working Families Party, which got Sharon Patterson-Stallings elected to the school board four years ago, endorsed her and she is running on its slate.

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