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HPHS Needs New Accreditation

By Jodie Mozdzer

May 12, 2009

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Didn't Hartford Public High School just finally, after years and years on probation, receive full accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges?


But now the new academies that opened at the school in September need to do it all over again.

The district received this letter

from NEASC that says redesigning the school means "Hartford Public High School as a free-standing school no longer exists."

After denying he knew anything about the letter, David Medina, spokesman for the district, sent out this statement that says the district anticipated the change and that attending an accredited high school is not necessary for students to get into college.

Hartford Public High School, which first received accreditation in 1929, almost lost it in 1997. NEASC decided to put the school on probation instead.

In 2001, probation for most items (curriculum, leadership, school performance) was lifted, but NEASC still had concerns about school finances and HPHS's renovations and expansion. In 2007, the school was awarded full accreditation after an inspection by NEASC.

Then in September 2008, four new academies opened in the building that used to house Hartford Public High School.

In order for a new school to gain accreditation, it must first complete one year of operation. Then school leaders must apply for accreditation. Then NEASC completes a rigorous review of the school. Medina said the process could take as long as two years.

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