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Connecticut Expo Center Has An Interested Buyer


August 13, 2011

The Connecticut Expo Center LLC may soon have new ownership.

A spokeswoman for the Expo Center, on Rev. Moody Overpass, said Friday that someone has made an offer on the building, which has been for sale for three years.

The spokeswoman declined to release the name of the interested party, saying no deal has been finalized. She did not discuss terms of the offer.

"There is a sale pending of the Connecticut Expo Center which will result in the facility's closing next month," said Mary B. Coursey, another spokeswoman for the Expo Center. "While the new owner cannot be announced until after the property transaction closes, the facility will no longer function as an exposition center."

"We are working closely with those organizations that have scheduled events at the Expo Center to assist them in finding another Hartford area venue."

David Panagore, the city's chief operating officer, said a local business is interested, but also declined to identify the company.

"It has been anticipated that a local Hartford business is looking to expand and improve its operation by moving into the Expo Center," he said. "It's another positive sign. A lot of your local business growth is from the inside."

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