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reSET: New Business Incubator on Pratt Street

By Andy Hart

July 18, 2013

reSET, the Social Enterprise Trust, has opened a new business incubator and community co-working space at 99 Pratt Street. Designed to be a home for innovation in downtown Hartford, the space is open to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professional service providers, and provides them with unlimited coffee, internet bandwidth and opportunities to learn from and support each other’s success.

Both fixed desk and “hot seating” membership options are available by the day, week and month, and two meeting rooms are available for reservation for special events. In addition, reSET also hosts periodic workshops, and more formal programs designed to help social entrepreneurs solve community problems through business.

reSET’s strategic goal is to establish Connecticut as a national leader in social enterprise, a category of business that generates purpose and profit at the same time. Through careful planning and creative thinking, social entrepreneurs are changing the way that business is being done across the country. They build business that create jobs, fuel economic growth, and make our communities stronger, healthier places at the same time. By helping entrepreneurs leverage the power of the free market to create social good, reSET hopes to nurture this new type of business innovation in Connecticut.

reSET invites Connecticut’s most creative entrepreneurs to join its growing co-working community on Pratt Street; enter the 2013 Social Enterprise Challenge, which rewards viable, scalable business models that solve community problems with up to $5,000 and public recognition at an awards event in October; and take part in specialized business development programs such as its Social Enterprise Accelerator and Healthy Commu­nities Design Lab.

For more information about all of these programs, please visit: www.socialenterprisetrust.org or call 860.560.9120.

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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