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Downtown Hartford Landlord Adding Apartments In Two Buildings

Kenneth Gosselin

December 14, 2011

More one-bedroom apartments one of the most sought-after residences in downtown Hartford are coming to the city's central business district.

PMC Property Group already has approval to add nine units, at 1,000 square feet apiece, to the former American Airlines building at 915 Main St., replacing common areas on each floor that weren't being used, city officials said. The building now has 100 apartments.

In addition, PMC gained approval Tuesday from the city to add six units in the first floor of 55 Trumbull St., the former SNET building, in space that was once targeted for office leasing. The units are expected to measure about 800 square feet a piece and bring the total apartments in the building to 145.

PMC is keeping street-level storefronts at 55 Trumbull, city officials said, which have been vacant since the building was converted to apartments in 2003.

Philadelphia-based PMC has been embroiled with utility regulators in Connecticut in a dispute over electric submetering systems at both 915 Main and 55 Trumbull in recent property redevelopments. Submetering involves a system of internal meters that are connected to the main meter from the power company, allowing PMC to bill as though it were an electric company, a violation of state law.

Submetering is illegal in Connecticut, except at campgrounds and marinas.

PMC is now appealing an order from the state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority that would require individual meters from the power company be installed for each unit.

Doug Hitchner, a PMC property manager in Hartford, said Tuesday it had not been determined how electric service would be metered in the new units at either apartment building.

Studio and one-bedroom apartments are in short supply in downtown, sought after by young professionals who are starting out in their careers and are not yet able to afford, or don't want, more space. The new owners of the old Clarion hotel are planning to convert the Constitution Plaza tower into as many as 200 apartments, mostly studios and one-bedroom units.

The apartments at the 915 Main and 55 Trumbull are expected to be ready by early spring, city officials said.

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