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Finally, Butt Ugly Building Coming Down

'Butt Ugly' Building Decaying H.B. Davis building will no longer embarrass city

Hartford Courant Editorial

October 05, 2010

The H.B. Davis building, a once-handsome commercial structure made "Butt Ugly" by isolation and neglect, is finally coming down. Asbestos removal begins this week in preparation for demolition, scheduled to begin in about three weeks, city officials say.

The decaying building, visible from I-84, has come to symbolize dysfunction in the city. Removing it sends the message that Hartford is getting its act together.

But this symbolic act must be followed by a more substantive one, of planning the redevelopment of the near North End, which was isolated by the hugely unfortunate placement of I-84 through the heart of downtown.

City officials can now turn their full attention to removing Hartford's second leading eyesore, the Capitol West building, whose broken windows have long greeted commuters getting off 1-84 downtown at the Asylum Street exit. This wasn't much of a building to begin with. Its removal should create a better connection between downtown and the Asylum Hill neighborhood.

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