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Five Names Put To A Vote To Rename Downtown Hartford's Star Shuttle


August 06, 2012

HARTFORD Five final suggestions for renaming the Star Shuttle downtown bus line were chosen from public submissions, and people now have until Friday to vote for the new name.

Joanna Lovino, who recently moved to Hartford from Long Island, was one of six people who submitted the name "Hartford Pulse."

Lynn Ferrari was surprised her "GoHART" became a finalist, since she was uncertain her electronic submission was even received.

"I kept clicking it, because I didn't think it went through," she said.

Ferrari, who says she's the "only person in Hartford who rides a Segway," is active in the city as president of the Coalition to Strengthen the Sheldon/Charter Oak Neighborhood.

Virginia Kristie of Avon, who said she plans to move to the city, submitted the name "The Hart Beat."

"Obviously, it's a play on 'heartbeat,' which means the city is alive," Kristie said, "and isn't that what we all want?"

David Ceder of Avon, a sophmore at the University of Hartford, concocted Hartford D-A-S-H, an acronym for Downtown Area Shuttle.

"It works as an acronym and a verb," Ceder explained. "As in, 'I need to dash to the DASH."

Debra Keeler of Tolland made the top five with "The Hartford Hop."

"It represents what you do on the bus," Keeler explained. "Hop on, hop off at The Bushnell, hop on, hop off at the park."

Keeler, who works in Hartford, was one of three people suggesting the name.

More than 175 suggestions were submitted, said Jordan Polon, director of marketing for the Hartford Business Improvement District.

To vote for your choice, go to http://www.hartford.com until Friday, Aug. 10 at midnight.

"Now it's time for the public to vote," said David Lee, general manager for CT Transit. "This will be one election without campaign ads, robocalls, or a televised debate."

Reprinted with permission of the Hartford Courant. To view other stories on this topic, search the Hartford Courant Archives at http://www.courant.com/archives.
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